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Four young Palestinians living in the West Bank explore how traditional cultural practices can help them better define their Palestinian national and cultural identity.
Behind the Wall
Label: Podcast
Authors: Andrei Popoviciu

Within Radio Atheer Art Residency Program, Andrei Popoviciu, who, during his visit, worked on producing a short narrative audio production with the help of four young Palestinians. Andrei helped each producer tell a story through a cultural artifact that connects them to their Palestinian heritage and what it means to them to be Palestinians.

Malak Al Takrouri Radio Atheer
Mousa Nazzal Radio Atheer
Abood Al-sa'ed Radio Atheer
Rawan Nasrallah Radio Atheer

Behind the Wall - Episode 1:
Malak Altakruri explores how learning traditional Palestinian embroidery — Tatreez — helped her reconnect to her home while living abroad in Abu Dhabi. She travels to Bethlehem to meet an embroiderer who’s been doing Tatreez for decades to find out what the practice means for her.

Behind the Wall - Episode 2:
Born and raised in Dubai, Rawan Nasrallah only had her mother’s Palestinian songs to connect with her homeland. Now, after seven years of living in Palestine, she finally understands the meaning of the songs.

Behind the Wall - Episode 3:
Abood Al Saed loved Palestinian food. He cooks Msakhan with his mother and reflects on tensions the Israeli occupation creates regarding Palestinian food.

Behind the Wall - Episode 4:
When Mousa Nazzal took a wrong turn that brought him to an Israeli checkpoint he thought he was done for it. The actor and director draws parallels between Mahmoud Darwish’s “The Dice Player” poem and his life as a Palestinian under occupation in a piece that plays like theatre.

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