Atheer Studios


A completely new dimension of mobile producing, recording, and broadcasting live audio content; through the introduction of a fully equipped mobile recording station (‘studio bus’). A mobile audio studio that gives the opportunity to professional and non-professional radio and audio practitioners to record, edit and further create audio content. The bus will be based in Ramallah, but will reach out to urban and remote areas all over the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip targeting a 120 community members.

The studio bus targets who lack access to audio studios and or to proper equipment. The studio bus records cultural audio content by targeting young independent individuals, artists, musicians, thinkers, poets, and writers as well as other artists and/or cultural practitioners in Palestine. The studio bus can travel to record sounds, mixes, live performances, festivals, educational shows and discussions. The audio content produced can be edited technically by the Radio Atheer's audio producer and sound engineer, before being scheduled and broadcast to a wide public audience via the online audio website.


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