About Atheer


An address for the enhancement of Palestinian critical audio content which strives to promote informative critique of local audio content, strengthen civic engagement, increase society’s appreciation of the audio art sector, and ensure the sustainability and continuity of Palestinian cultural heritage. Atheer aims at developing innovative critical audio content, professionalize audio production, enhance cultural journalism skills, and experiment with different types of cultural audio segments/ formats.


A Palestinian society that promotes open exchange of knowledge, equality and freedom of expression through audio art and cultural critique. Atheer's vision is to create a dynamic and experimental sonic productions, with a special focus on underrepresented artists and productions.

About Atheer

Atheer Cultural Radio is a project that strives to support, produce, mediate, and archive aural and sonic cultural productions with the focus on Palestinian tangible and intangible cultural heritage, oral traditions and history. Radio Atheer engages with youth, collectives, and grass-roots, to create dynamic and experimental sonic productions. Radio Atheer focuses its messages and initiatives on youth and cultural audio practitioners in general and serves artists, musicians, journalists, researchers, and podcast makers. The state-of-the art sound laboratory at the Goethe-Institut in Ramallah and the Radio Bus are easily accessible, free and offer a safe environment to record, mix and or audit any and all types of audio productions. The project targets audio professionals with a special focus on underrepresented artists and productions as Atheer would like to support new cultural producers, experimental arts and new audio content. The program’s initiatives also include, job opportunities and grants for audio productions, workshops and residencies in Europe in the field of production, audio art and audio documentation. Radio Atheer encourages partnerships with local cultural institutions and international online radio stations to produce and share critical audio content. The three-year program is jointly funded by the European Union and the Goethe-Institut Ramallah.

Rebecca Kaoud

Program Coordinator

Alaa Barghouthi

Sound Producer

Lubna Araj

Visual & Graphic Artist

Rand Khdair

Program Manager

Mohammad Nofal

Audio Engineer

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