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Shedding light on the social history that linked Palestinian and Arab cities from the neighborhood until the 1967 war.  
Tawa2em Podcast
Label: Podcast
Authors: Sara Abul Rob

Tawa2em is a podcast of three episodes documenting the shared social history of the following cities in Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

Episode 1:
Nablus and Salt: The houses of Salt were built of stones from Nablus. While the Nablus soap industry relied on the "Al-Qnu" material, which was manufactured by the Bedouins of Salt and sold in Nablus.

Episode 2:
Hebron and Karak: Most of the Karak families have their origins in Hebron. And share the people of the two cities in customs, food and dialect. However, they are historically marginal cities, unlike Nablus and Salt.

Episode 3:
Palestinian Rafah and Egyptian Rafah: Until the signing of the Camp David agreement and then the demarcation of the border, Bedouin families and tribes were moving between Palestinian and Egyptian Rafah and constituted an economic weight as a result of the mutual trade relations between Rafah.

Episode 3 - Al Karak and Al Khalil
Episode 2 - As-Salt and Nablus
Episode 1 - Palestinian Rafah and Egyptian Rafah

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