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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reexamine our ways of working, as current digitalization trends have enabled us to respond and find new ways to promote cultural cooperation during the pandemic. One digital format-based project by Goethe-Institut Ramallah that addresses the social impact of the pandemic is a podcast series titled “Half an hour forward”. 
Half an Hour Forward
Label: Podcast
Authors: Radio Atheer

We are very excited to introduce our new podcast series “Half an hour forward”! Curator, Adele Jarrar, talks to Palestinian artists about how the Palestinian art scene has been influenced and transformed throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic. The artists interviewed for the podcasts are (in order of the episodes): Lama Takruri, Shayma Nader, Rosalin Hussary, Sada Movement, Firas Shehadeh, and Qais Assali. 

The Palestinian art history, has witnessed several points of time and events, especially in political history, where the form of art has shifted. For example, post-Nakba era witnessed a shift into realism, collective symbolism, with an illustrative, figurative, and narrative expression visual language. These traditional and local references had changed in the post- Oslo era, where more individual and personal expression perspectives were adopted, with a global-West new visual references. How has the current pandemic influenced the art scene in Palestine? This podcast series with young Palestinian artists and cultural practitioners is an attempt to dig in subtly, and visualize a near future for art and culture.

EP 1 - Lama MASTER EP 1 - Lama MASTER
EP 2 - Shayma MASTER EP 2 - Shayma MASTER
EP 3 - Rosalin MASTER EP 3 - Rosalin MASTER
Sada movement ep4 Sada movement ep4
EP 5 - Qais MASTER EP 5 - Qais MASTER
Firas Shaehadeh ep 6 Firas Shaehadeh ep 6

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