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Radio Atheer welcomed the Italian artist Toni Cutrone, who will be working to produce new audio material enriched by on-site research into local musical traditions in collaboration with Palestine-based musicians and artists. Toni Cutrone, also known as Mai Mai Mai, is famous for his incredible blend of Southern Italian Folklore, industrial drone, proto-techno & electronic music. During his residency, Toni exchanged and recorded with local Palestinian musicians to learn and combine sounds and melodies from the heart of Palestine. This residency was held in collaboration with our partners from Radio Al-Hara and Wonder Cabinet in Bethlehem. Mai Mai Mai's work lies in the intricate fusion of traditional instrumentation and electronic manipulation. By skillfully blending ancient melodies played on instruments like the Buzuq, Arghul, Oud, and Nay with modular and analog synthesizers and electronic beats. Mai Mai Mai creates a sonic alchemy that bridges the gap between the past and the present. A "Mediterranean Hauntology" which, far from being a simple nostalgic look, noisily awakens those Ghosts it talks about and evokes them to accompany us in everyday life.
Atheer Art Residency 2024 - Mai Mai Mai - A Journey in Palestine
Label: Radio Atheer
Authors: Toni Cutrone

A Journey in Palestine
Sound Installation
Recorded in Palestine from Jan 12th until Jan 26th

At Radio Atheer Studio (with Julmud) - Ramallah
At Wonder Cabinet and Radio Alhara Studio - Bethlehem
Recordings from the Sound Archive of the Popular Art Center - Ramallah

Bethlehem Old Souk Recordings
Synth Meditation
ABUL3EES - free style session
Jihad Shouibi- impro on Bandir
Jiries Boulata – Piano
Walking from the Mosque of Omar into the Nativity Church
Jihad Shouibi- impro on Riq
Ya Tayer (Oh , Bird) - from the Popular Art Center Sound Archive
Meditation Drone
Ussama Abu Ali – Mijwiz Solo
Qanun and Voice at Pizzeria Il Forno Bethlehem (Wen Ala Ramallah)
Maya Al Khaldi – Griefing
Mar Saba Monastery , Birds & Helicopter
Karam Fares – Buzuq Solo

Atheer Art Residency 2024 - Mai Mai Mai - A Journey in Palestine Toni Cutrone

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