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Jerusalem, has for long possessed the imaginary of artists and cultural producers around the world. Depicted as a religious symbol and an emblem for national and cultural identities, the city has repeatedly been positioned at the core of contradictory, constructed and many times manipulated narratives. In Palestinian art, Jerusalem, has been and continues to be a central topic for artists.
And We Still Follow Its Path
Label: Audio Archive
Authors: Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center

Participating artists: Bisan Abu Eisheh, Sabreen Al Haj Ahmad, Mohammed Hawajri, Mohammed Shareef, Shada Safadi, Assem Attoun, Muath Ghader, Saja Quttineh, Reem Masri, Majd Masri, Yasmeen Mansour

We Still Follow its Path is this year’s first exhibition as part of KSCC’s Visual Arts Program. The program will be focusing this year on the city of Jerusalem, aiming to deepen strategic partnerships with institutions and artists working in the city, and to contribute to preserving the central role of Jerusalem in the production of culture and in striving to preserve its centrality in the Palestinian cause and in the liberation discourse.

We Still Follow It's Path 2 Radio Atheer
We Still Follow It's Path 1 Radio Atheer

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